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Board Members

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Bobbi Baker-Maynes


Bobbi was born and raised in Creston, Iowa. She has resided in Adams County, Iowa with her husband for 31 years. She was employed for State Farm Insurance for 13 years before staying at home to raise their 3 children. During her time at home, Bobbi took care of the farm financial records. In the past 8 years, she took care of her parent's affairs both financially & medically. Currently, she serves as an Adams County Supervisor. She enjoys working with the public and she simply wants what is best for Southwest Iowa for future generations.  She enjoys serving the public and offering her time, talents and ideas into making Crossroads B.H.S. the best it can be for all of Southwest Iowa. 

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Chris Knouse


Bio Coming Soon...

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Betsy Akin


Betsy graduated from the University of Iowa in 1985 with a degree in Health and Wellness.  She worked in Des Moines at Oakmoor Racquetball and Fitness Club and Employers Mutual Company before returning to Corning to marry her husband, Scott Akin.  She worked at the CHI Fitness Center in Corning for many years and transitioned to working with her husband at Akin Building Center.  They have two children, and one of their children has intellectual disabilities with behavioral issues that has brought a great passion to ensuring that all individuals with mental health issues, behavioral struggles, and intellectual disabilities receive the services and resources needed to be productive citizens in society.  Betsy also serves on the Iowa Mental Health and Disabilities Commission for the State of Iowa.  

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Dean Robins

Clarke County

Dean has been a lifelong resident of Murray and recently retired after a 34 year career in the ag business.  He has served on the City Council for the City of Murray, the Board of the Murray Church of Christ, the Murray Development Corporation and he's currently a Supervisor in Clarke County.  Dean believes a large part of service comes from pride in your community, commitment, and a desire to see progress and betterment for your community and the entities that are a part of it.

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Jodie Hoadley

Adair County

Jodie Hoadley has been a life-long resident of Adair County.  Where she and her husband have raised their four children. She has six grandchildren. Jodie also sits on the Board of Directors of Matura Action Corporation and the Adair & Guthrie County Emergency Management Commission. She has also served on the Adair County Wellness Committee. She is a volunteer on the Adair County Neighborhood Center Advisory Board, and a 4-H leader for over 30 years.

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Dennis Hopkins

Union County

Bio Coming Soon...

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Ron Fitzgerald

Taylor County

Robert graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a degree in Ag-Business.  He farmed with his father for 12 years and after graduation he engaged in a livestock and crop enterprise.  He left the farm after that and was involved in retail businesses and banking.  He was a Vice President with several different banks as an Ag lender for about 18 years.  He began selling real estate in 1997 and became the Madison County Supervisor and served in that capacity for two terms.  He is a Lion International Member for many years and have served on many activities.

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